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Slippers with slingbacks - Mediterraneas Home

Slippers with slingbacks - Mediterraneas Home

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House slippers carefully made from organic wool with OEKO TEX certification free of toxic substances.
The soles are vulcanized and not glued, which gives them great flexibility so you will never have the problem of them coming off. They are 100% natural made of biodegradable jute fibers and natural rubber that let your feet breathe. Natural rubber is an excellent non-slip material that provides an ideal base both inside and outside the home, so you can use them on your walks without being afraid of them getting damaged or slipping.

Our collection of house slippers are hand-sewn with jute thread, this gives it a unique quality and a more natural and environmentally friendly finish since no glue is used.
The insole is made of padded wool felt for greater comfort with our label as a final detail.

All these features provide extraordinary durability to the shoes, guaranteeing comfort and warmth to your feet for a long time.

Sole: 100% natural jute with a thin layer of natural rubber
Sole height: 2cm/0.8"
Upper material: organic wool felt
Color: two-color

What is wool felt?

Wool felt is a type of felt made from sheep's wool. It is a pressed felt that is composed of a fiber that is difficult to separate, which forms a textile surface but is not woven. The wool fiber is treated with moisture, heat and friction until it forms a homogeneous textile structure.
Wool felt is one of the most sustainable fabrics available; renewable and biodegradable
Handmade in Cervera del Río Alhama - La Rioja.

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